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Website Videos

Join a Growing Trend in Website Interactivity

As digital photography -- both moving and stationery -- becomes easier and more accessible, so more people are choosing to feature promotional videos as a lively and entertaining communication channel.

And although putting together a credible video for your website involves much more than sitting in front of a web cam and uploading to YouTube, the cost of the process is nowadays a manageable one for any serious business.

Why Use Video On Your Website?

When compared to written copy, video gives more credibility, it engages people with a better visual experience, and is much easier to follow and more entertaining. So if you have the opportunity, it's a route you should consider.

Online Video - A Medium Open To All

Don't think that this is an option only used by large or specialised companies.

You will see examples from all kinds of operations -- from one-man consultancies and actors with showreels, through product demonstrations and help, to company profiles and full PR videos.

The list is as long as your imagination. How can you use videos on your website?

Getting Your Video Online

Doing It Yourself

With just a video camera, you can produce your own footage, and conversion to an online format is a straightforward process of editing and file conversion.

It is always best to shoot much more than you need, because even with the ability to view what you've just shot on location, things can sometimes look different at the editing stage.

Third Party Production

There are many companies who specialise in this kind of service.  It is best to choose an operator who will manage the whole process for you -- from initial shoot, to editing, voiceover/music and file conversion.

Always get a firm idea of price and what you are getting in terms of length and quality, before you commit to a provider.

Emarketers Service

Whether you want us to carry out the full job, including the creation of a low-budget movie, or simply to embed a file produced by a third-party agency into your web pages, we are happy to oblige.

Remember: your success is our objective, however it is achieved.

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