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Website Upgrades

Get a Website That Grows With Your Business

In our experience, a constant worry for business owners and managers is the need to upgrade as the operation grows. Without careful thought, a good initial solution can require complete and expensive redevelopment later on.

In the early stages, budgets for web projects can be small, and future action may not have been decided.

This is a needless problem that we have solved with our range of website upgrades, from which you can select any number, either when your website is built, or at any time in the future.

Choose Your Own Upgrade Schedule

We can advise you on what features may be beneficial for your website activity, but we are always relaxed about when (or whether) to upgrade. In fact we prefer you to start small, and build as you feel the need arises because we want to give your business the potential to grow in exactly the way you want.

Website Content and Features

Promotional Website Videos / Movies

All you need is a Flash (.flv) file and we will embed the video into the page(s) you select, providing the video player and technology to embellish your site with a leading edge feature that is beyond the scope of many websites.

Alternatively, we can shoot, edit and produce the video for you: in this case, all we need is the general script. If you need actors (and have the budget) we can provide them too.

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Content Management System (CMS)

Whether you just want the ability to edit your page content, or add new sections and pages, we have an option to suit you.  We can also provide you with specialist sections where you can show products, locations, and website 

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Website Search Engine

We can install the "free" Google search on your site, or you can opt for a truly unique search engine that directs people to the page of your choice, regardless of page content !

Although the Google solution is OK, and is a great option for minimal cost, there are a number of drawbacks to it when applied to website owners, which is why we developed EMsearch® which gives you maximum control over the pages that appear on search results.

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Upgrades for Website Promotion and Marketing

Your News Centre

Have your own news centre where you can publish your features, turning them to news pages on your website, RSS feeds, and even email broadcasts to your own customer list !

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Google Tools

In order to support our marketing activities, we embed Google Analytics code into your website, providing an industry-standard solution to provide numbers on site metrics like visitor numbers, sources and goals achieved.

We have also developed an automated Google Sitemap generator, which can be easily updated with priority values and "last modified" dates for each page, and this helps Google to index your site more quickly and accurately.

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Recenr Projects

Affiliate Links

If you'd like a small source of income from your website, we can monetise your pages by including links to Amazon, or run Google Adwords (subject to qualifying criteria). Even with higher-volume sites, we don't pretend that you'll earn a fortune at this, but it may be something you'd like to try.

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What our clients say about us?

"Emarketers have been involved with the Sea Wing web site on a design, technical and consultancy basis since 2001, and we have developed the site into a productive marketing tool."

Brian McNulty, Managing Director
Sea Wing Cargo

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