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Run Your Own PR Centre, With No External Cost!

Any progressive business should have a primary aim of getting its message out there, to prospective customers and the who influence or associate with them.

Yet the cost of an external PR agency is prohibitive to most, and with good reason: their skills are specialised and hard-won, and are best used on projects with a clearly defined payback.

So that's why we've developed the Emarketers News Centre, where you can write your own news stories, publish them on your website, and distribute them on the web.

Why Use Online PR?

Online PR may be a whole new medium to you, and the thought of it may be a little intimidating.

But using the Emarketers setup is very simple, and will give you a number of valuable benefits:

  • Increased direct website traffic and a higher profile on the web
  • Greater authority in your field with enhanced brand awareness
  • Improved customer relations and better communication of messages

Need we say more ? And with no ongoing cost except the time it takes to put together your stories, this is really your way to reach -- and engage with -- a completely new audience.


How To Get Your News Noticed With Emarketers

Produce and Publish

Using our simple Control Panel, you can put together a news story that can be immediately brought live on the News section of your website.

Email Broadcast the News to Your Customer List

If you have the Email Broadcast option enabled, you can then email your customer list (by pre-defined category if necessary) with the same news story, making sure that all the people you are closest to will receive the information.

Click for more information about Email Broadcasting with Emarketers

Create Your Own RSS Feed

As soon as we activate your News Centre, an RSS Feed file is created. This sits on your web space, waiting for input from you and available to news sites for distribution.

Then you (or we, if you want us to do the work) submit to relevant Aggregator sites so that they can pick up your news on their next update.

Every time you create a news item, your RSS Feed file is automatically updated.

Click for more information about RSS Feeds with Emarketers

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