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RSS Feeds from Your Website

The Easy Way to Get Your News Stories Syndicated

RSS Feeds?  It all sounds very high-tech and complicated, but our system couldn't be simpler for you to use !

Once you're through our simple set-up process, you are visible to news centres that, on their regular updates, will keep publishing your news stories to a huge audience.

Publish As Often As You Like

Using our News Centre to create your own stories -- which can be automatically featured on your website -- you have a continual stream of potential material for people to see.  And, to all practical purposes, the more you have, the more it is liked by the websites that use your stories, because it helps to keep them up to date with new content.

Origins and Uses of RSS Feeds

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary (but often dubbed Really Simple Syndication) is a method of publishing frequently updated content -- in a standardized format.

An RSS feed will let you publish and distribute (syndicate) content automatically using a standardised file format.  This allows your information to be published once, then collected by news-style websites who then re-publish them.

You will therefore benefit from having your news or other messages appear on a large number of other websites, with the potential to be read by people whom you would never normally reach.

Potential Applications of RSS

New Products - new product launches from manufacturers, distributors and retailers
Job Openings - job vacancies from companies and employment agencies
Sale and Auction Items -  newly listed items from auction houses and websites
Forum Headlines - new forum threads on support forums
Product Sales or Specials - just take a look at how Amazon uses RSS
Flights - flight schedules -- or delays -- from airlines
Entertainment - the latest tv programmes or films at local cinemas
News & Announcements - headlines, notices and lists of special announcements 
Technical Updates - added or changed specifications from product suppliers
Calendars - listings of past or forthcoming events, deadlines or holidays

How Can RSS Help You ?

Think Of Your Market

... and your target customers.  It's not just about products: what interests them that can be related to your activity ?

In addition to the examples shown above, you can probably think of more that tie in more closely to you.

Questions to Ask

Do You Manufacture or Distribute Goods?
How about product developments in the industry?
You don't need them in your product

Do You Provide Services?
Are there news events around these services?
Publishing news of an upcoming event, even if you're not there, can be the basis for a story.

Are You in a Changing Market ?
Reporting news of changes -- and how they may affect your customers -- is a great way of generating helpful information that attracts positive interest.

The Only Limit To Using RSS is Your Imagination !

Once you are under way, you will be surprised by what can be generated.  Just an hour or two from you or a staff member every week (or month if that's all you have) will build up into a great resource in a surprisingly short space of time.

Simple RSS technology is here for you at last: it's up to you to use it!

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