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Email Broadcasting

Your Simple Communications Solution

The Emarketers Email Broadcast System is simple to use, straightforward to maintain and easily expanded to include new customers and target contacts.

Working from your own contact list and a range of simple-to-use templates, you are able to send out attractive messages which keep your target audience up to date with news on products, services, events and articles/features.

You are in control of an easy-to-use system which reduces your communication costs, as well as doing the job consistently (i.e. better!) and keeping your name (and brand) in people's minds.

Target Your Email Messages

Email is the ideal solution for you to keep in constant contact with the people you want to, and if you send different emails to different categories of people, your messages will be targeted, read with more interest -- and be more productive.

Support Your Other Channels

Email marketing, if carried out in a targeted manner, provides one of the highest ROI's of any marketing medium.
So by by using emails consistently and correctly, you will have one of the most effective marketing communication tools at your fingertips, supporting your advertising, mail and telephone activities.

Setting Up the Email Broadcaster

Controlled Operation

Although it has the capacity to operate at much higher levels of activity, the Email Broadcaster is not offered as a mass-mailing tool: these methods are unethical, low-return and troublesome.  If you need higher numbers than our standard solution, we can discuss this, but we do not support high-volume email activity.

However, it is ideal for any company that wishes to service the needs of their customers and targeted 'prospects'.

For a standard solution, you can send up to two broadcasts every month, to each person on a list of up to 2,500 contacts -- regularly providing updated news and information with an easy-to-use Control Panel and at almost zero cost.

Basic Needs

All you need is a list of contact details -- names, addresses, emails, etc -- obtained from your own internal records.  You can also add details from external lists of people you'd like to contact.

You then put the complete list into a spreadsheet, divided into categories if required, and we will standardise and upload your data to the secure system as part of the setup process.

Using the Email Broadcaster

Creating the Broadcast

Creating an email broadcast is easy.

You simply choose any content you have published in your News Centre, select the categories of contacts you wish to email, and press Send.

That's it !

Looking After Your List

The system is incredibly easy to keep up to date.
People can unsubscribe with two clicks of their mouse, so you do not need to do anything.  You can individually add or edit contact details, or give us new lists to upload (for which there is a small charge).  This means that your email list is maintained with a minimum of work -- and expense -- and you can concentrate on day-to-day business.

Data Security

No-one accesses your data: it is held in a dedicated database which is secured, hidden and inaccessible to anyone outside Emarketers.  We do not contract any part of any of our services to third parties.
In all, your data is as secure as it possibly could be.

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