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Affiliate Links for Your Website

Get Income From Your Pages Without Doing Anything !

We provide you with ways to gain income from partnerships, through the addition of links to affiliate websites.

When visitors to your website click on these links, they give you an opportunity to earn money, as a percentage of the income earned by the affiliates.

(Note: this option is only suitable for websites with high traffic volumes.)

Careful Selection Prevents Damage To You

There are a huge number of these schemes around, many of which may be selling goods or services that are irrelevant or detrimental to your brand. Others may promise income, but pay you nothing.

We ensure that you only deal with proven, reputable operators who will reward productive relationships.

How Does It Work, and What Does It Cost ?

We place links, approved by you, on your pages. When the income arrives, we take a small commission, and pass the rest to you.

So you receive income with no effort, and with no cost to set up or maintain!

Options For Affiliate Marketing

How Much Will You Earn ?

OK, do not expect to generate huge sums of money from this activity: your primary aim should be to use the Internet to market your goods and services. If you want to run an affiliate website, there are specialist models out there (with a huge capacity for poor practice and failure!)

But if you'd like to see whether a small income can be gained from your visitors, this is a zero-cost option.

Examples of Affiliate Options We Provide

Google Adwords
Your website pages feature a small 'Ads by Google' section, where Google Adwords are displayed and you receive a percentage of the click charges earned by Google. You can choose to show these ads on all your pages, or on just a few.

And you can choose to exclude ads placed by your competitors !

Amazon Store
By displaying adverts for, say, books on Amazon, you will earn a percentage of the revenue generated if the website visitor clicks through and makes a purchase. A good example of this would be 'Further Reading' pages that displays ads for books on the subjects you choose.

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