emarketers web design procedure

What Happens with Web Design

Initial Project Discussion

In our first contact, we discuss the kind of website you want, and what you need it to do.  Because your desired outcomes will be unique to your business, it is important to make sure that a clear process exists to safeguard your interests.

Our first priority is to ensure that what you get at the end is always what was agreed in the first place !

Our five-part procedure ensures that you get the maximum benefit from your web design project.

Web Design Procedure

Part 1: Your Requirement

Basic Facts
Give us basic information about the website: for example the number of pages, the content you want and the kind of look and navigation you prefer.  Examples of websites -- within or outside your market -- can be very helpful here.

Let us know what kind of offline marketing (brochures, etc) you have, and if so, how closely you want to stick to the existing brand imagery.

If you already have a website, tell us what you like and dislike about it.

What you want to achieve (goals)
It is a good idea to know beforehand what your objectives are for your website, along with an idea of the budget: this will enable us to assess the right approach for you.

Your target market and the geographical regions you serve
This tells us who your products/services are aimed at and the geographical regions you are targeting -- especially whether you want a national or international presence.

Competitors and example websites
Provide us with the names of your main competitors, their website addresses and their strengths and weakness.  Also confirm any websites whose features you would like to include.

Let us know what you like/dislike about these websites, and why.

Part 2: Project Setup

Objectives, price and payment schedule
This step forms the basis for all our work, and is always agreed in writing so that both parties are completely happy.

Our standard payment schedule requires a 50% deposit before we start, with nothing to pay until we have finished the work, prior to launch.  Higher value projects can incorporate stage payments.

Part 3: Pre-Build

Agree the designs
Once the deposit is received, and based on the information and examples/images you have given us, we will produce an initial design, which may be emailed to you or viewed online.

Changes consistent with the original agreement can be made, and your sign-off is then obtained.

Provide the content for your website
For copy, we usually just require general notes (in, say, MS Word format) that we can then transform into copy that is web-friendly and fits your page layout.

Any images to be used, or downloadable documents, should also be provided at this stage.

Part 4: Website Build

Our job, with your response
This is the largest part of the job, and we need you to provide any information or feedback we need within agreed time scales.

For most jobs, some stages of development are viewable on-line so you can monitor the progress of the project.

Part 5: Project Completion

Complete the final payment
Prior to website launch, we require that you complete the remaining payment for the work prior to launch.

Website launch
Finally, the website is launched and your new, revitalised presence on the web is born.

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