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What Happens with SEO

Over the long term, search engine optimisation (SEO) provides the most cost effective means of attracting targeted visitors to your website.

So the visibility of your website on search engine listings for your products or services will be a major determinant of how successful your internet marketing strategy is.

Your decision to select a partner you can trust to carry out this activity for you will have a huge effect on how successful you are.

Benefits that we offer with our search engine optimisation service include:

  • Fixed costs
  • Tight focus of your budget on your target market
  • Choice of local or global reach
  • Significant expansion of your brand exposure
  • Monthly feedback on results
  • A significant increase in new and interested visitors to your website

And because we manage all aspects of the work, and keep you regularly informed, there is no need for you to be involved in any of the detail.

SEO Procedure

The process that gets you to page one on Google involves more than simply adjusting Meta tags and various page elements, and its demands are often seriously underestimated.

Our process ensures that you have the opportunity to get the most from your SEO campaign.

Step 1: Basic information

Basic information includes the products and/or services you provide, and your unique selling points (USPs).

Step 2: Your target market and the geographical regions you serve

Tell us about the customers you are targeting and the geographical regions you cover (or wish to).

Step 3: What you want to achieve (goals)

These are your aims and objectives.

Step 4: Your budget

You would not be best advised to simply look for the lowest price service because there are usually several ways to approach an SEO project.  Of course there are ways to cut prices -- which we can follow -- but you should lower your expectations of the results you will get.  We can usually provide solutions to suit any realistic budget.

Step 5: Agree the objectives, price and payment schedule

This step forms the basis for all our work, and is always agreed in writing so that both parties are completely happy.

Our standard payment schedule involves a 50% deposit on the site optimisation work before we start, with nothing more to pay until we have finished the work, prior to launch.  There will then be monthly maintenance/link building payments as work continues.

Payment of the deposit is made at this stage.

Step 6: Provide us with an initial keyword List.

Your list should be consistent with the agreed business objectives; it should not include duplications such as singular and plural forms of the words, and only some derivatives will be OK (e.g. “agents” and “agency”).

Step 7: Provide us access to your website

This could be the FTP details or logins of your CMS system.  Obviously, if we have built your website, this step is not necessary

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