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Case Studies for Website Design and Search Engine Promotion

Our Experience at Your Disposal

We have always taken a consultative approach to what we do, and after years of working with companies in many different sectors, we are able to apply our knowledge of business, as well as the Internet, to add something extra to the service our clients receive.

Whether a straightforward website makeover or management of a full internet marketing activity, you will achieve the results you want with Emarketers.

Web Design Projects

Although these projects are the simplest we do, they still require significant improvements in branding, usability and visitor response. Clients also often benefit from advice on integration with their general marketing activity, and improved visibility on search engines.

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Search Engine Marketing Projects

Sometimes we are engaged by clients to promote an existing website on search engines. At its most basic level, this involves optimisation to get search engine rankings as the best long term strategy, there are other activities like Google Adwords (PPC advertising) and directory listing campaigns that have their own part to play. We can operate with individual elements of the mix, or with a combined approach.

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Full Website and Internet Marketing Management

Usually commencing with a website design or overhaul, these projects also involve working with a free rein within agreed budgets to do whatever is required. We act as your Internet Marketing department.

In order to deliver a good return on investment, we agree objectives, and provide regular reports on activity and results.

In every case, the more freedom we have been given, and the longer we have been engaged, the better the results.

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