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Case Studies For Search Engine Marketing Projects

The test of a good search engine marketing service is the number of visitors you get from search engines who are looking for your goods or services.

Obvious?  Not really.  We are surprised at the number of people who want to be on the first page of Google for keywords that aren't searched for.  Or even for their company name (which should happen anyway).  And at the number of "SEO specialists" who make a good living by providing such unproductive services.

Let's be frank: if your search engine marketing doesn't produce measurable increases in the kind of visitors you want, you shouldn't be doing it.  We achieve this for every client, and here are a few to prove it.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Wondrous Wall Art

The Client

Wondrous Wall Art are a major provider of wall stickers for the home.  They print their own products, enabling them to be flexible, responsive and price competitive as well as ensuring that quality standards are maintained at the highest level.

The Brief

The company is actually very web-savvy.  They run their own marketing activities, including shops on Amazon and eBay.  But although the results they had achieved by doing their own SEO had been good, they appeared to have reached a plateau.  They wanted us to prove that we were as good as we said we were.

The Execution

We love a challenge like this.  We identified a number of things which had been missed, and implemented our own strategy of building their web profile, continually tweaking their web content and advising of ongoing changes as they needed to be made.

The Results

Because of the solid foundation built by the customer's own activity, we were able to achieve significant results almost immediately, and for a sustained period we produced month-on-month increases in traffic from search engines, lifting the company to new heights in their market.

Our job was now to maintain that position, and to develop activity in other keyword areas so the client sees continuing growth in the business they achieve from search engines.

Google SEO and Google Adwords for helpIT Systems

The Client

helpIT systems is a leading provider of software, tools and services for effective deduplication of contact databases, developed over more than 20 years.  The client has over 2,000 customers in 30 countries around the world.

Their products enable companies to clean up their contact databases and focus their marketing activities to ensure maximum returns.

The Brief

As a technical company, the client had a number of employees who were knowledgeable in this area, but had not been able to get results in SEO.  But their attempts to find an external source to do this had been very unsuccessful, and costly.  Could we get results for them ?

The Execution

We identified that the website had been built by an agency in such a way that Google was unable to index many of the pages.  Content was also poorly organised on the page, which meant that Google couldn't really make much sense of anything.  Needles to say, with these problems fixed and with ongoing management in place, results were very successful.

The client also ran Google Adwords campaigns, managed by internal staff, but these were very unstructured, and repeated changes by successive members of staff had created something of a mess.  We took over and increased traffic, cut back irrelevant visitors, and reduced cost per click.

The Results

The company was a client for ten years of successful results, even after a relocation of head office functions to the US.  We had helped to take the company from nowhere on the web to top Google positions in all their chosen areas, and to be able to impress and assist such a highly technical and knowledgeable team was an achievement we are proud of.

Search Engine Rankings for ROACC

The Client

ROACC are a team of industrial abseilers, providing building maintenance, pest control and cleaning services to clients free of the often prohibitive cost of scaffolding associated with conventional operators.

The Brief

The website is pleasing and informative, but lacked any presence on search engines.  Our role was simple: to bring the site on to the first page of Google for abseiling-related keywords, and to manage it on an ongoing basis.

The Execution

Working with their developers, we directed some changes to the website and started to raise their profile on the Internet.  With this work continuing, we then changed the content and developed rankings for new keywords.

We then turned out attention to publishing new pages on the website, and promoting them, to further enhance their rankings.

The Results

ROACC quickly achieved rankings which produced a flow of sales enquiries that resulted in new business they would not otherwise have seen.

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