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Case Studies for Web Marketing Management

When we take on the provision of full web marketing management for clients, we take on the responsibility of being their Internet Marketing Department.

This means we are not only responsible for the provision and maintenance of an attractive and productive website, but also for the generation of leads from the internet.  In short, we have the job of growing the client's business in a measurable and cost effective way.

This is the most challenging, and rewarding, part of our business.  Seeing our clients' businesses prosper from the results of our work is why we come to work ... and why our clients stay with us for years.

Activia Training: Building A Major Presence in the UK Training Market

The Client

Activia Training is a UK-wide provider of training solutions to business, combining 17 centres across the country with the ability to deliver training at clients' offices.

Whether it's training for a single delegate in a public class, or for a group of staff with a specific agenda, Activia can provide a quality and cost-effective service.

Subjects range from basic Microsoft Office applications, through soft skills like Assertiveness and Time Management, Sales and Management training, through to certification in technical areas such as Microsoft and Unix.

The Brief

The training market is predominantly served by very small providers who generally have a handful of staff (often just one).  In 2002 Activia Training was in this position, and facing all the challenges that any small company has in growing its business.  They identified the opportunity presented by the Internet, and decided to use this as its major vehicle for growth.

Our job was to make things happen.

The Execution

From the outset, business was built by attracting relevant visitors to a well-regarded website: the very essence of successful internet marketing.

A combination of all internet marketing activities has been at the core of our work, and with a continually developing mix, we have been able to carefully build a highly effective platform for year-on-year growth.  The website has been through several complete overhauls in order to keep up with trends in design and operation, and the ongoing development of back-end automation in content management has aided the upkeep of what is now a formidable online resource.

Activia is a rare client who wants to raise their spend provided that these increases add value.  So over the years as new courses have been introduced and more centres opened, our brief has widened, giving Activia a web presence in every area of its activity.

The Results

From absolutely nowhere to its present position, the Activia success story has been based on the results we have achieved in building its presence on the Internet.  Although the company now employs a wide range of marketing and customer management activities, internet marketing remains a very significant and valuable part of its operation.

JR Consultants: Building a Brand in Business Consultancy

The Client

JR Consultants is a highly successful family business which has operated for over 20 years in providing consultancy to SMEs in a wide range of Quality Accreditation areas.

The Brief

As with many high-quality service providers, most of the client's business comes from repeat business and referrals.  However, it was decided to use the Internet to enable further growth, and the client wanted us to bring the success we have had elsewhere to their business.

The Execution

The first low-budget website was promoted on Google with a mix of SEO and Google Adwords, and has always generated the kind of interest that simply cannot be found by offline means.

Subsequent development has strengthened their position, and a new website relaunch in 2013 featuring a cleaner design and a great deal of informative content, brought them right up to date with a powerful new presence.

The Results

Emarketers has added a valuable new source of sales leads to the mix, and the client continually secures new contracts directly from enquiries generated by our activity.

SHAPA: Engineering Success through an Online Portal

The Client

SHAPA (or the Solids Handling and Processing Association) is the main industry association for manufacturers of process equipment.  In case you wondered, that's anything from conveyors and silos to valves and weighing equipment.

Operating since 1981, it boasts a membership of over 100 companies: if you are a serious operator in this market, you really should belong to SHAPA.

The Brief

In 2003, the association took a look at its website, which was tired-looking and poorly organised, and decided to replace it with one that was set up to provide a source of enquiries for its members, using search engines as the primary source of enquiries.

We won the contract because of similar results we had achieved for one of its major members.

The Execution

The website was completely redesigned and rebuilt, using a structure which would enhance the results from search engine optimisation.

From early days, traffic rose and has continued at a strong level ever since.  There have been two further overhauls, and a number of automated developments which have increased the functionality and effectiveness of the site.

The latest overhaul was in 2013, and nowadays the site content, members' details and even email broadcasts can be managed easily by non-IT people.

The Results

At all times, search engine rankings for almost every product category have been on the first page of Google.  Even if one ignores the huge improvements in the website's operation, and simply looks at online marketing, Emarketers has taken SHAPA to a completely new level.

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