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Your Own Website Search Engine

What Options Do You Have for Website Search?

We all know that there are many plug-in solutions offered by a host of web-based providers: they are often clumsy, they carry someone else's branding, and never give you full control.

They can return too many irrelevant results, or no results at all, and there is nothing you can do without continuous overhaul of your website content.

The Big Problems With Conventional Search Engines (even Google...)

It seems to be an unavoidable fact with all site search solutions that:

     If a page doesn't contain the word or phrase the user types in, it won't show in the results
     And if a page contains a word or phrase, it will feature in search results even if it isn't relevant

What can you do?

Have Total Control Over Your Search Results

Would you like the ability to direct users to the pages of your choice, irrespective of what they type in?

Self Managed Search!
This is, we believe, a unique product offered only by Emarketers.  Sitting as a menu option on every page of your website, the Emarketers Site Search Engine is offered as a plug-in upgrade to your website.

And once it is set up and working, you can monitor the searches carried out and continually add or adjust the settings to add more keywords, change page settings, and improve its effectiveness.

Compare What You Get

What You Need To Do With a Conventional Site Search Engine
You must edit the content of every page on your website, so that they include every word or phrase you think may be relevant.  Your pages will become bloated, and the copy will be rambling and confused.

You must also edit the content of every page to exclude words or phrases that are either irrelevant or better served by other pages.  So now you may be cutting out useful copy which supports or enhances what you want to say.

The net result will be that your pages will be difficult to read because they are written to please your search engine, not the potential customers you want to attract.

What the Emarketers Site Search Engine Does
The Emarketers site search engine does exactly what a conventional search engine does: it crawls your site and creates a database from which search results are pulled.

But it has added functionality that enables you to easily modify the search results so they return the pages you want to be shown for any word or phrase.

Better than a Google solution?  For your purposes, we honestly think so.

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