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Pay-Per-Click and Google Adwords

How Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Works

With Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, you place adverts on the pages of other websites, and when people click on them, they are taken to your website. You pay the website for the visitor.

The most effective place for your PPC advertising is Google, where you have access to a targeted market that will dwarf anything you can obtain elsewhere.

Furthermore, feedback on results, and the ability to change campaigns, are instant, enabling a level of flexibility that never existed before the arrival of the Internet.

Opportunities With PPC Advertising

PPC advertising is generally the quickest and simplest means to achieve instant traffic to your website. You get immediate presence on Google's search results page, placing you in front of potentially huge numbers of people.

Once you have established your presence on Google, your activity can be rolled out to Google's Search Network, and (should you wish) to the Content Network, where your ads appear on thousands of websites and directories.

But be warned: without extremely focused setup on proven websites, and constant monitoring and adjustment, PPC can quickly cost a lot of money, with badly targeted visitors who have no real interest in what you do, burning your budget and producing absolutely no benefit for you.

How To Succeed With PPC

As with website optimisation, in the UK only Google offers the combination of visitor traffic and reputability that makes setting up a campaign worthwhile.

But there are thousands of stories of people doing the job themselves, and spending a lot of money before giving it up as a bad experience. So you should engage a specialist with a thorough understanding of, and expertise in, the skills and techniques involved.

Google Adwords Campaign Management

How does Adwords Work?

The small text adverts you see on the right of (and often above) Google search results have been placed by people running Adwords campaigns. The order of the ads is determined by the bids of the advertisers, and how the ads perform.

The Elements of Success With Google Adwords

Google Adwords can be an expensive trap for the unwary, but if it is set up and run properly, it can be an extremely cost-effective means of generating visits from people who are interested in your products or services, and are likely to buy.

Considerations for successful operation include:

  • Budgets: Is it best to bid for top positions, where clicks cost more, or lower positions which give cheaper clicks ?
  • Ad Quality: Does the copy relate to the keywords, and the searches performed, and does it motivate people to click ?
  • Relevance: Are your ads shown for searches that include your keywords, but aren't relevant to what you do ?
  • Effectiveness: Are you tracking and assessing performance ?

Benefits Of Using Google Adwords

Instant Traffic

Within hours (sometimes minutes) of launching your campaign, your ads will be showing. There is no quicker way to get exposure on search engines, and (subject to the level of bids you want to finance) you can be leading the field in your market.

Google Adwords can also be used to pre-test keywords for suitability prior to large website optimisation projects.


You can test ads, landing page designs, and even product offers, constantly tailoring the format until the best results are obtained.


Even if you have first page listings on Google's organic search results, your ad will double your exposure on that page, increasing your visibility to potential customers.

The more "real estate" you have on Google's pages, the more successful you will be.

The Effect of a Successful Adwords Campaign

We have seen huge success with Google Adwords activity. We have increased targeted website traffic, always within budget, often changing the profile of clients' businesses by producing a level of business they didn't expect.

You should aim for the same effect !

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