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Google Tools for Your Website

Google has some very useful tools that enable internet marketing teams or agencies to enhance the performance of websites. These include details on site configuration, search engine performance, website traffic and diagnostics.

If you want to do the job in-house, you simply create a Google account, and register your website for the tools you want to use.

If we are managing your website and your marketing, we install Google Tools for you, at no extra charge, and use the tools and reports to improve your website's performance.

We provide two plug-ins for your website that are essential to get the best from Google's tools.

Google Analytics

Analysing Visitors to Your Website
Google Analytics doesn't just count your website visitors, it analyses where they come from, and what they do when they are on your site.

You can see how many people arrived from search engines, what they typed in to find you, and which pages they landed on. You can see who came to you directly, and who came from links on other websites.

If you are ambitious (and have site traffic volumes that justify it) you can analyse the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns in attracting visitors, and set goals like online sales or 'Contact Us' responses to measure your success.

Installing Google Analytics Code
However, you use Google Analytics, you need tracking code installed on every page of your website, and we can enable this by installing a plug-in we have specially developed  for this purpose.

Google SiteMap

Helping Google to Index Your Website
By installing a Google Sitemap, you are giving Google a list of every page on your website. Although Google doesn't promise to index every page, its job is made much easier (and therefore indexing is much more likely) if you have a sitemap.

Decide Which Pages Are Important
With the Emarketers Sitemap, you can tell Google which pages you want to be considered as most important, and not need to worry about the usual technicalities of linking structure and PageRank.

This is the feature Google likes best !  When you update your Sitemap (with just a click on the Control Panel), it flags all pages that have changed since last time.

Keep Google Informed of Changes
So when Google visits, it knows which pages to index, saving time, and much more of your content will be indexed. And with less work to do, Google will have much more reason to visit (and index) your site more often.

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