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Although research is varied in its methods and its reach, the message is extremely consistent: no matter where you look, email marketing is the most effective marketing channel among respondents:

Email Marketing Industry Census 2013 by eConsultancy:
Two-thirds (66%) of in-house marketers rate email as having an “excellent” or “good” ROI. Only search engine optimisation comes any higher (75% rate as “excellent” or “good”).

The American DMA Economic Impact Survey:
Email marketing delivered more than double the return of non-internet marketing for major marketers in 2009.

Forbes 2009 Ad Effectiveness Survey:
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) was the only marketing method that generated more conversions than email broadcasting.

Datran Media’s 2009 Annual Marketing & Media Survey:
80.4% of industry executives said the email channel performed strongly for them: ahead of all other channels.

Email Marketing Census 2009 published by Adestra: Email marketing ROI was the highest-scoring digital marketing channel: over 78% as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’.

Myths About Email Marketing

Spam Has Made Email Broadcasting Ineffective

To most of us, the methods of spam -- sending out to huge lists of untargeted email addresses -- would of course be ineffective.  But sending relevant emails to a targeted list of recipients (customers and a focused list of prospects) can be a very easy way of communicating with people and approaching new clients.

Email Broadcasting is Illegal

The generally accepted definition of spam is that it fulfils BOTH of two criteria:

  • It is unsolicited
  • It is bulk

But if you mail to a list of people who you know, or who have opted in to receive emails, you are avoiding this situation.

If you also give them a simple method of opting out that will exclude them from future emails, you will not create the kind of nuisance that legislation is aimed at.

However, if you buy in huge lists and sent out automated emails (especially if you ignore requests to unsubscribe), you are definitely a "spammer" and our system will not suit you.

Email Broadcasting Harms Your Image

If you have something to say, and say it in an attractive way (for example, in the kind of web-page format that our solution provides) you will in fact enhance your image ... and keep people better informed.

Think of email as the communication mechanism it is supposed to be, not as a "dark art" of abusing people's privacy with unwanted exhortations to buy unwanted products or services.

You Need an Automated System to Get Results

You need a well-defined product or service, a relevant message, and a website that shows it off.  Complex email management systems are not necessary for you to get responses !

Benefits of Email Marketing

So, Does Email Marketing Work ?

In survey after survey, marketing decision makers cite email marketing as not just an integral part of their overall strategy, but often as the most cost effective part of their new customer acquisition.

The Top Benefits of Email as a Marketing Medium

Reach - email is constantly rated as the most used application on the internet.
Cost effectiveness - With no print/post charges, email is deployed for pennies, not pounds!
Speed - quick to create and send, taking a fraction of the time of printed media.
Versatility - can be used to build and maintain relationships, by delivering product and service messages, improving awareness and driving engagement.

High response rates for in-house lists - email can generate much higher response rates when sent to customers than standard online advertising and traditional direct mail.
Immediacy - responses usually occur within 3 days, against weeks for traditional direct marketing.
Targeting and segmentation - easy to divide, prioritise and action email activity cost effectively.

So what are you waiting for ?

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