professional web hosting and domain services

Web Hosting and Domain Services

Your Home on the World Wide Web

Your website is your means to address an almost limitless audience. And the back-end resource management of hosting and domain names is too often overlooked.
For full peace of mind, you need:

  • Reliable servers with minimal down time
  • High bandwidth to ensure speedy operation
  • Reliable email services
  • Professional management of your domain name(s)
  • Proactive support to resolve any issues

As an Emarketers client, you will have access to our fully supported website hosting, provided on "Emarketers-only" dedicated servers. Service levels are in excess of 99.99% availability, which means your website is as good as continually open for busines

Managed Web Hosting

Effective website operation involves the management of design & build, marketing, hosting and domain/email services. If services are split between different providers, the process can become confusing and often problematic. We provide one point of contact for all your website needs.

Because we employ a range of web servers using different technologies, we will choose the best hosting option for your website, from low-cost shared hosting to a dedicated web server.

Email Services

Whether you need emails from the website forwarded to your own personal or web-based email address, or managed through a dedicated POP3 mailbox, we can provide the service you want.

Domain Name Services

Registering Your Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name – and protecting it – is as important as naming your product.

Your domain name should serve as a meaningful label for the site.  In practice, this can be difficult: the shrinking base of common phrases from which to choose may mean that you need to adopt a derivative or extended name for your website. Our service includes checking that the domain name is available as well as offering alternatives if your original name is taken. We will also handle the initial registration for you.

Full Domain Management: you choose the name, we'll do the rest

Once you have chosen your domain name, we will manage renewals and DNS records so that you maintain a continuous web presence.

We will automatically renew your domain name on expiry, so that you do not incur extra costs, business disruption or even worse, the trauma of another company taking over your domain name!

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