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Web Development for Your Business

Creating Your Edge on the Web

Website development can take many forms, creating benefits in higher visitor response, better branding and sales enquiries, and significant cost reduction.

Even with a stand-alone project, well thought out development of your website will enhance your performance and give you an edge over your competitors.

The fact is, the single one-off cost of development will have recurring and permanent benefits for your business.

Extending the Advantage

By then pursuing a strategy of continual improvement -- which can be at a relaxed pace and driven by results -- you will keep ahead of your competition, who will find that if they don't invest, they will lose competitive advantage to you.

If executed properly, your website development will create and then extend a gap between you and others in the market, enabling you to establish a level of leadership that others cannot match.

Pre-Empt Competitor Action

These are not revolutionary thoughts: you can be sure that others in your marketplace are thinking how to improve their own web performance.

So you may want to act before the initiative is seized elsewhere and you are playing catch-up with rivals who have no advantage over you except that they have simply been more proactive.

Your Web Development Programme

What Do You Want To Achieve?

In developing the role of your website in your business, you must make decisions about it, for example:

  • Do you want to sell, inform, educate, or entertain?
  • Are you trying to enhance your brand, lower operating costs, or improve customer interaction ?
  • What additional value can you offer to new or potential clients, and make them want to come back ?

Deciding Your Development Priorities

No matter what you think are the most important developments to undertake, it is always best to canvas opinion in your company.  In this way, you may find new projects you hadn't considered; you will probably uncover detail you had missed; and you will certainly increase buy-in amongst staff for the changes.

Although we can give you plenty of ideas, you are the experts in your marketplace.  You can call upon the suggestions of your staff or customers, watch your competitors' activity, or even look at what people are doing outside your own market.  All are incredibly useful sources of ideas.

Once you have consulted, you will draw up a list of projects in descending order of priority, with first on the list usually based on "quick wins", or projects solving the biggest immediate problems, or those offering the greatest return on investment.

Putting Your Ideas on to the Web

If you just have a single website project, the process is simple.  We will discuss what you need, agree a price and timescales, and go ahead.  The work will be delivered on time and within budget.

But if you have several jobs to do, you will maximise your benefit if you organise a longer term web development strategy.

Although this is primarily a matter for you to decide, we can assist you with any technical considerations: whether there is a "natural sequence" of jobs, or whether several tasks can be combined in order to reduce costs.

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