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Website Redesign for Business

Out Of Date Websites Don't Do the Job!

Even if your website did a great job when it was built, it will not stay that way for ever.  Styles, markets and of course your company will change over time, and it is important that you reflect these changes in your website.

A website redesign also gives you the opportunity to review what you do and how you present your company.  Your new website will show your current product range, the services you provide and the resources you offer, communicating your brand, your message to potential customers and your values in a way that is fresh, engaging and effective.

Benefits Of A Website Redesign

A website redesign will give you the chance to:

  • Re-assess your website's objectives
  • Refresh your company's image on the web
  • Bring content (especially your products and services) up to date
  • Add new features and functionality

After a website redesign, your site will be fresh, appealing and more effective, giving your internet activity a valuable boost and bringing you right up to date.  And because it is an essential part of your company's marketing, even a basic redesign will assist your sales team with its new, enhanced image and content.

Website Redesign, Copywriting and Development

If your website lacks impact when you browse the pages -- and maybe looks a little dated -- you know it is time for a makeover.  And if you are thinking this way, you can be sure that visitors will be doing the same!

Your original decision to set up your website was an excellent one to make.  But if you let the site remain static, you will lose ground to your competitors, who will overtake you with more up to date content, fresh imagery or new features.

A redesign will also give you the opportunity to review your copy.  Not only whether it is accurate, but whether it is engaging and will motivate people to respond.  And if you're looking at search engine rankings, your copy needs to be written well from a search engine perspective too.

Finally, there's the opportunity for a little development of what you offer.  Maybe you would like an updatable products section, or a library of technical downloads to assist your support function.  A website redesign gives you the chance to get this done, too.

Is It Time For A Redesign?

While the Web is getting a more competitive place, there are also many more customers to aim for!

Every investment in your web presence enhances your brand and helps to push you ahead of less savvy competitors, who will ultimately disappear from the market.

A Website Redesign From Emarketers

Whatever your situation, we have the experience and the expertise to make your website a much more productive and profitable part of your business.  When combined with one of our website design and hosting solutions, you will have a major and highly flexible marketing asset at your disposal.

Web Redesign: Case Studies

Bringing You More Than Just Design

With our website redesign work, we don't just produce pretty pages: our website projects often include definition of the company brand and setting business objectives as part of what we do ... and at no extra charge.

Click for website redesign case studies that show examples of how we bring more to your website.

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