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The Need For Good Copywriting

You can have a great message, an unbeatable proposition, a fantastic idea ... but without good copy, people won't notice because you aren't saying things in the right way.

Similarly, search engines need to know what each page is about. If you don't pay attention here, they won't notice you either.

Without good copywriting, your website traffic, enquiries -- and sales -- will never reach their potential.

Copy That Engages Your Visitors

If your website copy is to be effective, it must be written in a way that people respond to: it must give them information, but clearly and concisely, and talk to them about how they will benefit from dealing with you.

Structured Copy For Search Engines

If you fill your site with sales copy, ignoring the needs of search engines for structure and guidance on your topic, you will sacrifice search engine rankings -- so lots of people won't actually get to see your message.

Getting it Right

Success is achieved by writing professional copy that balances these two requirements.


Copy That Sells

The Need For Sales Copywriting

Without quality content your website will never fulfil its potential. You cannot rely on design, imagery or product information to sell your goods or services. People visit your website looking for information, but they also need to be engaged on an emotional level.

So your copy should educate people about what you do -- and also make them feel good about you.

Copywriting Style

Your copy must provoke a positive emotional response as well as inform and educate your audience about your products and services.

Website sales copy must be concise, easy-to-follow and positive in order to be effective. It should also be broken up into short, identifiable sections, and this will modify the style in which you write.

By doing these things, you stop people 'skim reading' and get them to engage with what you are saying. If you are saying the right things, they will respond.

Sales Copywriting From Emarketers

We will make sure that every word counts.  From catchy headings to well laid out and accurate information, we will make your content sell for you.

For bigger budget projects, we can write all your copy: provide us with your brochures, some background information on your business and the products and services you offer, and we can do the rest.  

With effective sales copy in place, your website responses will increase.

Copywriting For Search Engines

The Need for SEO Copywriting For Search Engines

SEO copywriting is the technique of writing and arranging the viewable text on a web page so that it provides search engines with the necessary guidance on which keyword terms should be prioritised for your web pages, while reading well for human visitors.

If you are targeting search engine rankings (and everyone should be!) you will need to include the needs of search engine optimisation (SEO) in your copy.

Improving Your Website Rankings With Copy

We will make sure that your copy targets your preferred keywords without diluting your human-friendly sales message.

We can also look at the structure of your website pages and your links between pages to make sure that you are getting benefits that will further improve your rankings on search engines.

Improving Your Website Rankings With Articles

With the latest Google updates, which are ongoing, Google is (rightly) ensuring that quality content is an increasingly important factor in assessing rankings. So it is essential to add unique and relevant information to your website if you want to increase your rankings. This can be in the form of information resources sections, technical or process guides, white papers or blogs


If you give us the basic information, we can write this content for you, and by linking between it and your main pages, we will increase the search engine value of your overall website.

With quality, unique SEO copy in place, your website rankings will increase.


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