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Our History

A Steady Growth Of Experience And Services

Through a process of controlled development over the years, we have grown into a 'one stop' internet solutions provider for small and medium sized businesses. We provide a full range of services including web design, website marketing, web development, and full hosting and ISP services.

We haven't suddenly appeared, out of a graphic design agency or as a funded new venture!

Our background is in software development that has progressed in stages over the years, always serving web-focused business customers, and always getting results. We are therefore well positioned to talk the language of anyone who is looking for a partner who will help them to grow their business via the internet.

By choosing to partner with us, you will be able to take full advantage of the opportunities that exist on the web, at a pace that you decide. If all you want is a small website, that's fine. But if you want a full web design and marketing service, we will provide it: either all at once or through the upgrade options we have available.

Read about us, and if you like what you see, please contact us to take advantage of the service we will provide.

Simple Website Design

Early Days - Getting Into The Web

In 1998, the growth of the Internet was gathering pace, creating the infamous Dot-Com boom.

Although we were sceptical about the speed and validity of the predicted rise (and were subsequently proved right) there was of course a huge change taking place. So we used our background in business, in applications software and database development, to move to the Web.

Our work included integrating back-end systems into the award-winning SMC Direct website, also providing strategic consulting and 'free ISP' services.

Extending the Scope - Cost-Effective Websites

In 2000, we saw how people were over-spending on websites that did nothing  for them, so we began to develop affordable websites for small businesses that were integrated with their own business objectives.

Our clients also benefited from ideas and advice that not only enhanced their websites, but had a beneficial impact on the rest of their businesses.

Web Marketing And Staged Development

A Full Service - Experts In Web Marketing

With the rapid rise of search engines to dominate the area of web marketing, in 2003 we further extended our services to include search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) advertising, and have offered a fully integrated and successful web marketing service ever since.

Developing Through the Recession

Beating The Recession - A Basis for Lower Prices

In 2009 it was obvious that the growth in outsourcing to India and the Far East was driving down prices. At the same time, the arrival of the Recession had destroyed many companies' ability to invest the sums they once had done.

Any decision to compete needed to have a logical basis: in other words, to reduce prices, we needed to lower our costs.  But if we wanted to retain quality, we needed to become more efficient, not just use cheaper services.

The solution lay in developing our own software suite to carry out and manage the services we provide.  Not only would this enable us to develop exactly what we needed, but we would be able to standardise operations and therefore maintain quality.

So we defined and developed a range of essential products for growing business through the web.  We now offer a price-competitive set of services that take businesses from a simple website presence through a flexible upgrade path, to full web marketing on the Web.

Further cost reductions are enabled by giving clients the ability to manage their own websites and marketing activity, thereby removing the cost of regular site maintenance or ad hoc content updates.

The Web Gets More Complex

If business in general struggled through the recession, development of the web continued as strongly as ever.

We have seen constant changes in the way search engines operate, with Google's growing dominance causing Yahoo! to share Microsoft's engine (called Bing), but also continual changes in the way that Google assesses websites. Google's ongoing Penguin and Panda updates since 2012 continue to impose ever-harsher quality requirements on websites -- to such an extent that the business of search engine optimisation (SEO) is now a major job that requires a thorough understanding af what is required.

In addition, the growth of YouTube has seen many companies create their own video channels, and the need for continual content updates has seen the explosion of blogs.  But jumping aboard without due care has meant that poor execution has often not done justice to companies' brands.

At all times, we have kept up with developments and ensured that our skills are in line with what the market needs.

The Effect of Social Media

How Relevant is Social Media?

We don't mind being unfashionable and saying that for many websites, especially in business-to business (B2B), Social Media has limited use.

On the other hand, if you are selling to consumers, with products that have instant appeal, then FaceBook, Twitter and the like are going to be a major part of your marketing.

Do you need Social Media for Your Website?

With our experience of seeing the Dot Com boom and bust for what it was, and of using the recession to make ourselves stronger, we have the perspective as well as the expertise, to make an informed judgment on how useful this is going to be for you.

If you need a Social Media campaign, we understand exactly how it works, how different it is from "conventional" web activity, and can run exactly the campaign you want.  But we won't sell you a solution you won't need ... and it is this level of trust we build in our clients which has always underpinned our success in the market.

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