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A Results-Based, Quality Service

With website services, as with any specialist activity, it is better to outsource the work than to try and do the job in-house. If you outsource, you lose the considerable management overhead of acquiring, and managing, the skills and people required. By using professionals, you also gain a level of expertise that you could never justify on your own payroll.

But it is essential that you find a provider who is capable, dedicated, and -- of course -- cost-effective.

Benefit From Our Skills And Experience

With a long history in software development that led naturally on to the Web when it first came to prominence, we have acquired a level of skills and experience in all aspects of business website activity that enables us to deal with any project we undertake.

And because we operate on the basis of trust, not internal sales targets, we will never engage a client where we think there is any kind of mismatch in expectations and the results we deliver.

Observe Our Dedication And Quality

We are only interested in quality-driven success: we are committed to getting great results for our clients, and we have never failed to meet agreed objectives.  That's right: never.

Our History and Our Ethos

Our History

The core staff at Emarketers has experience in business since the 1970's, with IT and software development since the 80's, and the Internet since the late 90's.

In that time, we have run our own businesses, and acted as web and marketing consultants to many others, giving us a broad range of experience in many different situations.

We bring that experience to bear on every project we undertake, enabling us to add commercial awareness to our design and technical skills.

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Competitive Prices

We are proud to say that our prices compete with anything you will find in the UK.  You may feel tempted to try providers in India and the Far East, but when you factor in the problems of language, time zones, distance and variable quality, we believe you will soon regret that decision.

We have developed our own web-based software solutions over the past ten years, giving us an efficient proven platform with a real cost advantage over other UK companies.  This cost advantage is passed on to you in the form of extremely competitive prices with no compromise on quality.

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We are easy to deal with, both in initial conversations and the ongoing relationship.  You won't find us pushing you for a decision, or trying to "close you down", so you have nothing to lose by contacting us for a chat.


What our clients say about us?

"From revamping the whole site to the final results on major search engines, your company displayed professionalism integrity, skill, and communication."

Paul Mottram, proprietor
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